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Francigena and Santa Maria della Scala

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At the end of the X th century the Archibishop of Canterbury, Sigeric, going back home after a pilgrimage to Rome, mentioned Siena as one of the places he saw on his way. And in Siena, near the cathedral, was founded the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala. A hostel, where wayfarers and all sorts of travelers could find hospitality. But little by litte it became one of the most important and powerful institutions of Siena, welcoming abandoned children, distributing food to the poor people, looking after the sick ones, providing services of extremely modern social utility….for centuries! Santa Maria della Scala, where still not many years ago were some departments of the local public hospital, is today a museum itself, since artists of every time were comminssioned works of art today visible in its corridors, galleries, voulted room, chapels.



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