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Siena: the monumental fountains

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Siena developed on the top of three hills, far from rivers, thus water supply has always been a major problem for the town. Government and citizens have continuously been looking for a mythical river that, according to a legend, was flowing somewhere underneath and tried their best to find a system to convey water inside the city walls. An incredible network of underground galleries allowed to canalize water from an important source some 25 kilometers away from Siena and lead it to town where beautiful monumental fountains were built to “welcome” this water, while soldiers were designated to guard them day and night, in other to avoid any possible attempt to pollute the essential liquid. Ladies and gentlemen, here are their names: Fonte Gaia, Fontebranda, Fonte nuova d’Ovile, Fonte del Casato, Fontanella, Fonte delle Monache, Fonte di Pescaia. We are going to walk a lot!

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